Yellowstone National Park, Part 1

I hate to sound like a grouch, but this lousy weather seems to be following us around. Normally, daytime highs in Yellowstone are in the 50’s and 60’s this time of year. Instead, the majority of the park is covered in several feet of snow, and the forecast calls for more snow every day this week. Highs in the mid-30’s.

Welcome to Yellowstone!

On the bright side, we’re still determined to make the most of things. Today we watched Old Faithful erupt (while standing in a mini-blizzard), hiked ~2.0 miles along boardwalks through nearby hot springs (in a mini-blizzard), drove through much of the park (in a mini-blizzard), and hiked the ~4.o mile network of boardwalks and pathways at Mammoth hot springs (…you guessed it).

Old Faithful

Matt by a geyser

Colorful hot spring

Gibbon Falls

The geysers and hot springs were very neat – well worth standing in the snow for. I particularly enjoyed some of the otherworldly landscapes up near Mammoth:



As with Grand Teton, the highlight thus far has been the wildlife. We’ve already seen some buffalo, two bears, some goats, and a momma elk with her 3-hour-old calf. I definitely lost some man points carrying on about how cute the little guy was.

Bear #1

Bear #2

Goat with kid (behind rock, but I promise he's there)

Bambi learning how to walk

Elk and calf

Tomorrow we plan to bundle up and hit the trails all day (or until the snow becomes too much to handle).

Approximate Total Distance: 6.0 miles

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  1. I had to laugh when I saw the picture of your drive into yellowstone! So much snow! The wildlife are really cool especially the bears and baby moose. But just think about the epic adventure you are experiencing that you can talk about for the rest of your life! I am still jealous!

  2. Big contrast in the bear pictures. Bear 1 looks like dead winter while bear 2 looks like a beautiful spring day! Same with a couple of other pictures. Interesting!

    • Believe it or not, the pictures were only taken about 15 minutes apart.

  3. It seems like an incredible journey even if the weather hasn’t been ideal. You are fortunate to have encountered such a wide variety of wildlife.

    I must be getting older because around 4pm I begin wondering what you and Allison are having for dinner!

    • We were wondering the same thing at 4pm, haha. Hiking makes you hungry.

      • : )

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