Horn Peak

After leaving the Grand Canyon, Allison and I spent several days with my family at the Horn Creek family camp in Colorado. On June 7, we all set out to climb Horn Peak (elevation 13,450’).

We began the hike around 6:15am, reached the summit at 11:15am, and returned to camp at 4:20pm.

Setting off

The first few miles were steep, but not terribly difficult. We had to leave the trail a few times to avoid snow drifts, but the three guides accompanying us knew the route pretty well.

Above the tree-line


The real challenge came when we reached the tree-line and started a steep, exposed climb up to the false summit. Aside from the thin air and dizzying heights, we got to deal with powerful wind gusting at 45-50mph.


Dad nearing the false summit

There were a few tears, but Mom, Dad, Trent, Meredith, Caroline, Allison and I all made it to the false summit in one piece. Two of the guides were still with us, but the third stayed back with another man and his daughter who couldn’t handle the challenge.

Resting on the false summit

Caroline and Allison taking a break

The ridge between the false summit and the true summit was less steep, but much more rocky. Fortunately, the wind had died down enough by now for us to hear each other talk.

Trent and Meredith

Meredith clinging on for dear life

Allison and I at the summit

After making it to the peak, we ate some snacks and took pictures for this year’s Christmas cards. Both my sisters thought the whole idea of climbing a mountain was stupid in the first place, so I think they were only too glad to start the descent.

Climbing down


Returning to camp (Horn Peak in background)

I should also mention that Caroline made the climb with a broken elbow, and Trent had three fractured vertebrae (leading to several “Brokeback Mountain” jokes).

Approximate Total Distance: 9.0 miles

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  1. WOW! Impressive and special congratulations to those who weren’t in it 100% but persevered nonetheless. (Way to go, Michelle.) Caroline gets the prize from me for bravery above and beyond the call of duty for completing the climb with a recently broken elbow. Those Rodgers’ are pioneer stock adventurers!!

    • Thanks Linda. I will never forget this climb, nor will I ever repeat it!

  2. The view must have been awesome from up there! That is some hike. Congratulations to all!

  3. Hey guys… I LOVE these photos. I used one of them in this blogpost (https://squigglyrambler.blogspot.com/2017/10/how-god-used-homeschool-to-prepare-me.html) and I credited you guys in the photo. I wanted to let you know. Please take a quick look; if you consider it inappropriate that I used your photo I’ll take it down.

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