Kettle Moraine State Forest

Last weekend, my two sisters came up to visit.

They claimed to have never been tent camping before, so Allison and I decided to check out Kettle Moraine before spending the next day at Noah’s Ark waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells.

We only hiked 2 miles or so on Saturday (it was humid and the temperature was pushing 90 degrees…the girls could only push this old man so far).

The Three Stoogettes

Meredith and Allison

The trail was short, but it gave us quite a bit of variety. We followed the Ice Age trail through a prairie (see above), then turned off into a wooded section to see “Brady’s Rocks” (see below).

Sisters and I on one of the rocks


Allison and the girls went swimming in a lake that afternoon, then we secured a campsite and set up the tent:

Setting up the tent

Tossing a frisbee

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Black River State Forest

Yes, our epic trip out west is over. No, the blog isn’t dead.

A few weeks ago, my brother and I took a short backpacking trip in Black River State Forest – about 3 hours northwest of Milwaukee. Allison was unfortunately not able to join us, as she was visiting her friend Krista in northern Indiana (an equally “daring deed,” to be sure).

The forest offered ~30 miles of primitive trails – used predominantly by backpackers, mountain bikers, and cross-country skiers in the winter.

The Thinker

Between mid-afternoon Saturday and mid-morning Sunday, we hiked approximately 11 miles – stopping periodically to take in the scenery, climb on rocks, etc.

Open clearing near the Ridge Trail

Testing out a small cliff

The only major inconvenience was the bugs. Wisconsin is apparently notorious for its early-summer flies and mosquitoes. Every ten minutes or so, Trent and I would stop to pluck off 2-3 ticks we’d pick up from walking through the tall grass.
Trent located a pretty nice campsite up on a ridge, and we were able to make a fire and enjoy some freeze-dried dinners.

Rigging a food line

We had a good time, but I’ll probably try out some other parks/forests in Wisconsin before returning to Black River. Allison and I are thinking about maybe doing a section of the Ice Age trail when we get a chance (

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