Shawnee National Forest

Well, Matt and I always try to have as many adventures as possible, but they seem to just be trickling in so far this year.  Fortunately for May we already had a pre-planned, already delayed once, backpacking trip to Shawnee National Forest.  My dad and I (Allison) had planned this trip in March and were supposed to go in April, but due to some unforeseen complications, we delayed the trip until Memorial Day weekend.  On the bright side, Matt, who was unable to go in April, was able to go over the long weekend.

The trip was planned as a 4 day, 3 night backpacking trip along the River to River trail that runs from the Ohio to the Mississippi through southern Illinois. In the picture below you can see the original plan: Hiking from Tunnel Hill to Garden of the Gods.

Our plan to hike 57 miles on the River to River Trail.

Now as you may guess from my wording above… things did not go according to plan. We started Day 1 of hiking ordinarily enough: walking through a cool tunnel (Tunnel Hill). We continued, hiking on some trails and along some roadways.

Matt and I in front of Tunnel Hill.

Dad and I walking through Tunnel Hill.

Crossing a road on the River to River Trail.

Matt and I along the trail.

But as the sun got higher, so did the temperature.  And that was the first hitch in the plan: the weather. The weekend before and, coincidentally, the weekend after, both had highs in the 80’s. But Memorial Day weekend? Highs of 100 degrees. Every. Single. Day.  But I was determined not to let the heat phase me.  After all, I was getting to spend the weekend with my two favorite men, and there would be plenty of shade and water along the trail to cool off.

Dad and Matt cooling off under an overhang.

Well, we did find shade, but we did not find water. The creeks were bone-dry, or had stagnant, black, insect-infested water.  Appetizing, right? So much for all that water to cool off in, let alone drink or use to cook.  Well, as Day 1 progressed and I noticed this continued pattern of lack of water, I began to worry.  We were carrying water, sure, but you don’t carry 4 days worth of water while you are backpacking.  We had planned on filtering the water like we usually do.  Fortunately, during Day 1, we hiked by a campground where we were able to fill up our water bottles.  But as night continued to draw near, we were running out of time to refill water so we could cook our dinner. And that’s when luck finally came on our side. We met a group of very friendly campers who owned a small piece of land right off the trail… and the next thing we knew we were invited to pitch our tents, share the water, and stay the night. And we were the most grateful backpackers you can imagine.

Our campsite for the night: Dad in the hammock and Matt and I in the tent.

That night we planned out places we might find water (like a lake, that won’t be dried up yet surely?) and of course the towns we would hike through (conveniently one each day).

The next day my dad and I awoke and decided to hike down the stream to some petroglyphs while Matt slept in. We found them and also explored the beautiful valley they were in. The scenery was much like Garden of the Gods and my dad and I spent I fair bit of time exploring.

Dad with the petroglyph of a buffalo (though we personally thought it looked more like a beaver).

Me exploring the crevices between rocks.

Finally, we headed back to get Matt and move on. However, after dragging Matt out of bed, we discover that his throat is swollen and he’s finding it painful to swallow. He takes allergy medicine, thinking that’s the problem, and we head down the trail hoping it gets better. But as the morning goes by, it only gets worse with the strain of hiking. After consulting the map we continue to a road that would be accessible by car and break for lunch to decide what to do. Since allergy medicine is having no effect, and the usually allergy symptoms (runny nose, sneezing) are non-existent, we conclude that something must have stung or bitten him during the night.  Also, his allergies were not noticeable the night before. That being said, the throat swelling is getting worse.  So we decide to call in the backup (my mom) and get picked up.

Over the next day and half, Matt’s swelling does go down, and we decide to take a day trip to some of the memorable areas we missed due to skimping out early.  Below are some pictures of our visit to Rim Rock, Indian Point, Lusk Creek Canyon, and Cave-in Rock.

Going through a crevice at Rim Rock.

Exploring the Rim Rock area.

Man, these rocks are big.

Playing on the rocks at Indian Point.

The boys at Indian Point.

Overlook at Lusk Creek Canyon.

Overlooking the Ohio River at Cave-in Rock.

Taking the ferry across the Ohio (Cave-in Rock is in the background)

The day trip actually was very enjoyable (minus the heat), and while Lusk Creek Canyon was a bit of a let-down, the other places were awesome (as you can see by our rock climbing).  However, we have concluded that next time we hike on Memorial Day weekend, it will be in Wisconsin and not southern Illinois.

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  1. It was very very hot! But I did enjoy the company and look forward to future (cooler) hikes in the future! (Dad)

  2. The trip didn’t go as planned but it was an adventure! Nice post!

  3. Now that I’m in the middle east where there are no mountains for hiking in the vicinity, I can’t help but envy you guys. I miss reading something like this.

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