Buckner Cave

Last weekend, while Allison was visiting with friends, I met up with some of my old caving buddies for a 6-hour trip into Buckner’s.

Gearing up

Gearing up

Our route for the day would take us through most of the cave’s interesting features – including the waterfall passage, the airforce room, the volcano room, and a tight little crawlway that branches off the cave’s main circle route.

The "tight crawlway" I mentioned

The “tight crawlway” I mentioned

The day was enjoyable, and mostly uneventful. At one point, a headcount revealed that we were missing two of the eight members of our party.

Me: “Hey, did we lose a couple people? I’m only counting six.”
Trent: “Don’t even worry about it. This is the A-team.”

More crawling...

More crawling…

The highlight of the trip was getting to see the waterfall room. This requires a tedious, lengthy crawl through the bottom of a narrow, water-carved canyon (of sorts). Half the time I visit this cave, the waterfall passage is completely flooded and inaccessible…so it was nice to see that the route was clear on this day (despite it raining outside).

I didn’t get any good pictures of the waterfall passage, but this is one that I took of Allison’s father a couple years ago:

The waterfall passage

The waterfall passage

At the end of the passage, the stream that we crawled through dumps out into a larger room, forming a ~10 foot high waterfall. I was the second person to come through, so I waited at the bottom for my brother to show up. When he did, I noticed that his jeans were completely down around his ankles.

Not exactly the best time to realize you left your belt at home.

Anyway, I took about an hour’s worth of video with my GoPro camera. Most of it was worthless because of the dim lighting, but I did get a couple minutes of good footage. I compiled it in the video below. Most of the audio was crap, so I replaced it with a melodramatic musical score. Enjoy!

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  1. Another adventure nicely recorded for the ages! I prefer a sunny afternoon sitting in the bleachers at a Cardinals game over a cool, dark, damp, cave! I also prefer my bats in the form of a Louisville Slugger!

    The video makes a nice trailer for the Buckner cave expedition. : )

  2. Haha… So good. It was such a fun trip. I hope I see you again this weekend. It was a great time! =)

  3. I remember this cave. A lot lot lot of crawling! Did I mention there was a lot of crawling? But the waterfall room was pretty cool!

  4. Gollum wants his ring back.

  5. […] Source:matt and allison […]

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