Ice Climbing with the Wilderness Medical Society

I currently serve as one of the co-presidents of MCW’s Wilderness Medical Society, so this weekend I took advantage of my position of power to organize an ice climbing trip. This is one of those activities that’s been on my bucket list for awhile, and the folks over at Apex Adventure Alliance gave us a sweet group discount for some guided climbing.

Wielding my ice axe

Wielding an ice axe

My second ascent

My second ascent

It took a little getting used to, but I decided that ice climbing is quite a bit easier than standard rock climbing. It’s kind of nice being able to create your own handholds and footholds.

Approaching the clifftop

Approaching the clifftop

Allison was unfortunately unable to come, but I think I’m now proficient enough to get us both to the top of Everest (cough).

Anyway, one of my friends was kind enough to film me climbing one of the smaller ice columns:

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  1. Well Matt, thanks for allowing me to take watching one of my son’s successfully climb an ice column off my bucket list! Love, Dad

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