How Not to Dominate a Rogaine Competition

Matt here. I just finished up my first organized rogaine event this afternoon, hosted by the Wisconsin Adventure Racing Society in the Southern Kettle Moraine unit.

The event itself was loads of fun – bushwacking through the forest with map and compass to track down various “controls” (little flag contraptions, where competitors punch their cards to score points) as quickly as possible. I’m hoping to convince Allison to join me at the 2014 World Rogaining Championship in South Dakota next summer, so it was great getting to put my navigational skills to the test.

rogaine 2

As far as navigation goes, I was pretty efficient at finding the controls. Pretty happy with myself in that regard. Unfortunately, I’ve had some bizarre, nagging pain in my left quadriceps tendon the last couple weeks that basically prevented me from jogging more than a few strides at a time. (I’ll be honest…I’m pretty concerned about being able to compete in the Zumbro 50-mile ultramarathon in two weeks.)

But since most of the course was covered in ice, snow, thornbushes, and thick undergrowth, I probably wouldn’t have been able to sustain more than a fast walk even under the best conditions.

rogaine 1

My real problem came later, as I approached the 12th control (out of 18 in Stage 1 of the event; or 23 total). When I reached down to retrieve my punch card, it just wasn’t there. Somehow the thing had slipped out of my bag. I spent 30-40 minutes retracing my steps with no luck, then decided to just head back to the shelter and call it a day. It was probably smart quitting early anyway, considering the bum knee.

The take-home lesson, then:


So anyway, the outcome could have been better…but I had a great time regardless. I definitely plan to sign up for some future orienteering events and adventure races, once I get this knee healthy.

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  1. So glad to learn that this sport has nothing to do with the pharnaceutical product of the same name.

    Glad to see that you are staying active.

  2. Smoky Mtn injuy?

    • Not sure. I mean, I probably DID rush the last 5 miles (all downhill) of the Smokies more than I should have, since I felt like I needed to finish quickly with my family worrying and all. My legs felt completely fine at mile 27, but the quads/knees were really beat up by mile 32 after all that downhill jogging on tired legs.

      Still, I think it might have been something that I did up in Milwaukee, trying to do too much while I was still stiff. It’s definitely worse now than it was a week ago, making me think it’s more recent. At the very least, I re-aggravated a minor Smokies injury and made it significantly worse.

  3. Matt, We are very proud of you; however, take care of that knee.
    G’m and G’p R.

  4. Sounds like an enjoyable outing for you (except for the injury). Nice post. Dad

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