Broad Pass Cafe

As mentioned in the previous post, we headed back to the Anchorage area on June 20 so we could climb some of the beautiful mountains in that area as well.  Shortly after leaving the park, we happened to see our first bear running across the road (a black bear).  Unfortunately, he was too fast for our camera, so you’ll just have to take our word for it.  Also documented in our previous post was our love of Broad Pass Cafe, and their hamburgers.  Well, we got there a little before their lunch hour, but no worries because they serve breakfast as well.  We decided since their hamburgers were so good, breakfast would probably be awesome as well.  I ordered a short stack of pancakes with scrambled eggs, and Matt had the Awesome Omelet loaded with meat, mushrooms, and cheese.  We knew when the order came that this was not going to be an ordinary breakfast…

Our breakfast at the Broad Pass Cafe

Our breakfast at the Broad Pass Cafe

In fact, the breakfast seemed destined to be a pretty exciting affair.  Shortly after our order arrived, a group of bicyclists (they were biking 1,200 miles through Alaska in 3 weeks) arrived to eat before their daily ride.  They sat next to us and honed in on the foot wide pancakes I was attempting to devour. Now, our readers should know that the short stack holds 2 of these giant pancakes, and there is a tall stack… which contains 5.  Apparently there was a renowned eater in their group, and the other group members quickly challenged him to the task of eating a complete tall stack of pancakes.  Being a good sport, he accepted.  Little did he know what he was getting himself in to.  Apparently Broad Pass Cafe has a Facebook page with a tall stack challenge posted.  The closest so far to completing was a 15 year old boy who worked at the cafe, coming in at 3.5 pancakes.  So the cook (or mom, since this is a family owned restaurant) sent her son (the waiter, about age 15 as well) out to take a before picture of our biker friend, to be followed by an after picture that I really need to go look at on Facebook.  Matt and I stayed long enough to see the tall stack arrive, and wish him luck.  He had a small crowd at this point, and we were sad to have to leave.
The tall stack...

The tall stack…

We continued our journey to the Anchorage area and stopped mid-afternoon at Eagle River Campground to see if we could find a campsite still available.  We were in luck, and quickly set up camp.  We chose this campground because it is in Chugach State Park, the park we were hoping to hike in for the next few days, and was extremely close to our first planned hike – Cantata Peak.  We scouted out the trailhead about 15 minutes away, went into Anchorage for a few more supplies, and went to bed extremely early – alarm set for 5 AM the following morning.
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  1. That tall stack is nearly bigger than he is. His face already has defeat written all over it. How did you do with your short stack? Can’t wait to see you soon!

    • I polished off the omelet, then helped Allison finish off the short stack. It was a team effort, but we were able to finish everything.

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