Door County

Matt and I couldn’t let a fall season pass us by without going on at least one camping trip.  So last weekend we drove to Peninsula State Park in Door County to enjoy the fall colors and visit an area of Wisconsin we had not yet been to.  We camped in the park – at the South Nicolet Bay campground.  Due to the chilly weather, it was not overly crowded, and the scenery was gorgeous.  The leaves had far more vivid colors than in Milwaukee, and our campground was right on the water – allowing for beautiful Lake Michigan views.  Our campsite was also ideally located for walking all around the park – which we took full advantage of on Saturday, as we explored the west side of the park in the morning, and the east side in the afternoon.

After getting Matt moving on Saturday morning (we arrived late Friday night, set up camp, and tumbled into bed) we decided to walk on the Sunset Bike/Hiking Trail that runs right along the lake to the historic Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.  It used to be, and still is, a working lighthouse.  However it is no longer manned due to a solar panel and battery powered light.  However, the lighthouse has been restored to what it looked like when it was a manned lighthouse, and was very interesting to walk through.  Matt and I walked back to camp through the middle of the park to get some different views and just enjoy the beautiful colors!  We headed into the small town of Fish Creek for lunch and ended up at The Blue Horse, which Matt highly recommends to any coffee drinkers.  They also had delicious sandwiches.

Me outside of Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Me outside of Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

In the afternoon, we hiked from the campground to Eagle Tower for fantastic views of the other side of the park.  We hiked back to camp along the Eagle Trail, which we would highly recommend.  It was a gorgeous hike between the lake and the bluffs on this side of the park.  There were many small caves and outcroppings, as well as just gorgeous views that were well worth the hike.

Matt standing on Eagle Tower

Matt standing on Eagle Tower

Me overlooking Door County from Eagle Tower

Me overlooking Door County from Eagle Tower

The walk along Eagle Trail.  We found a cave!

The walk along Eagle Trail. We found a cave!

After getting caught in a late afternoon shower as we were hiking, we made it back to camp and decided to drive to the small town of Sister Bay to check out their Fall Festival we had been hearing about.  Unfortunately, all of the small vendors started packing up shortly after we arrived, so after browsing a little, we headed back to camp to start dinner. Much to our surprise, we got stuck in a small hail storm that left the ground quite white for a short time.  Fortunately, that turned out to be the end of the poor weather, so we were able to enjoy the campfire for the evening.  However, due to all the rain, firewood that we had bought was a little damp (we kept it in our car, but it must have already been a little damp when we bought it) and it took quite a while to get the fire started.  I lost patience, but fortunately Matt came through and we were able to make out Hobo stew over the fire as planned.  We may have enjoyed a few marshmallows in the mix too 😉

On Sunday morning, after enjoying our campfire one last time, we drove to White Fish Dunes State Park and took a hike along the length of the park to enjoy the dunes and the different scenery it had to offer.

The view over White Fish Dunes State Park from the top of one of the dunes

The view over White Fish Dunes State Park from the top of one of the dunes

Then it was time to head home, and back to the reality of jobs.  But we would love to go back to Door County and enjoy it’s peacefulness again!

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  1. Thanks for the virtual tour. I especially like the photo of you looking out over Door County from Eagle fall color and even a rainbow!

  2. Kids, what memories that brings back to us. I can’t remember the summer we were in Door County; but grandpa will. We loved your description of the colors. What fun you had. I like the hotels myself.
    Love you two!!!!!!!!!!!!Grammy R.

  3. Nice! The description of the trip made me feel like I was experiencing it as well…I almost started to cover my head to avoid the hail storm. It looks like a wonderful fall destination.

  4. Enjoyed this very much and I know, as great as the pictures are, seeing it it person is soooo much more beautiful. We camped in this area (Door Co.) with the kids some years back…..had great fun but lots of issues with the huge mosquitoes which nearly carried poor Audra away. (She is a mosquito magnet…Matt, keep her in mind for future research in this subject area.) One of our favorite memories is buying freshly harvested Door county cherries (bright red) at roadside stands. We pitted quarts of them. They needed a sprinkle of sugar to eat raw but made the best pies and cobbler ever! We loved them!!

  5. Door County is a scenic and fun place to visit! When we were there several years ago, G’ma R. and I took a ferry to Washington Island and explored it, but we hadn’t checked the schedule for the passenger-only ferry to Rock Island State Park. We would have had to have turned around right after arriving to take the last ferry of the day back to Washington Island.

    G’pa and G’ma R.

  6. […] Door County ( […]

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