Geneva Lake Training Run

I had a free afternoon this week, so on a whim I decided to go run a loop around Geneva Lake. I’d never actually been to Geneva Lake, but I had a vague idea that it was surrounded by lots of mansions. And I knew that there was a public footpath following the lakeshore.

Geneva Lake

There were definitely lots of mansions. It turns out Geneva Lake was a popular destination for wealthy Chicago-area families during the last century…but the earliest settlers made an agreement that the ~20 feet of land along the shoreline would remain open to the public.

So at least 90% of the route involved cutting through the backyards of said mansions – including the estates of the Wrigley (chewing gum) and Schwinn (bicycle) families.




Since the footpath is maintained by individual landowners, the trail surface changed every time I crossed a property line. So over the course of a typical half mile, I’d be running on cobblestone, grass, brick, dirt, gravel, wooden planks, and concrete.


I wasn’t going at a breakneck pace (22.5 miles in 4.5 hours = 5mph)…but even so, the run was remarkably pain-free. Not even a little sore the next morning. So I’m cautiously optimistic about the 100-miler I’ll be attempting this October.

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  1. Matt, I’m relieved and thankful that you made this training run without pain!

    G’pa Rodgers

  2. Nice Matt!

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