Buckner Cave

Last weekend, while Allison was visiting with friends, I met up with some of my old caving buddies for a 6-hour trip into Buckner’s.

Gearing up

Gearing up

Our route for the day would take us through most of the cave’s interesting features – including the waterfall passage, the airforce room, the volcano room, and a tight little crawlway that branches off the cave’s main circle route.

The "tight crawlway" I mentioned

The “tight crawlway” I mentioned

The day was enjoyable, and mostly uneventful. At one point, a headcount revealed that we were missing two of the eight members of our party.

Me: “Hey, did we lose a couple people? I’m only counting six.”
Trent: “Don’t even worry about it. This is the A-team.”

More crawling...

More crawling…

The highlight of the trip was getting to see the waterfall room. This requires a tedious, lengthy crawl through the bottom of a narrow, water-carved canyon (of sorts). Half the time I visit this cave, the waterfall passage is completely flooded and inaccessible…so it was nice to see that the route was clear on this day (despite it raining outside).

I didn’t get any good pictures of the waterfall passage, but this is one that I took of Allison’s father a couple years ago:

The waterfall passage

The waterfall passage

At the end of the passage, the stream that we crawled through dumps out into a larger room, forming a ~10 foot high waterfall. I was the second person to come through, so I waited at the bottom for my brother to show up. When he did, I noticed that his jeans were completely down around his ankles.

Not exactly the best time to realize you left your belt at home.

Anyway, I took about an hour’s worth of video with my GoPro camera. Most of it was worthless because of the dim lighting, but I did get a couple minutes of good footage. I compiled it in the video below. Most of the audio was crap, so I replaced it with a melodramatic musical score. Enjoy!

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Indiana Caving

Since this has evolved into an outdoors blog – and since I started it shortly after moving to Wisconsin – I’ve decided to dredge up some old cave pictures. You might call it nostalgia. Back when we lived in Indianapolis, Allison and I spent quite a few weekends crawling around underground.

Thanks again to my friends Aaron and Jace for introducing us to the caving world. Here are a few of the highlights:

Salamander Cave, February 2010

Salamander Cave was one of the first trips I took Allison on. It wasn’t terribly challenging (mostly walking and crouching), but we found a few tight squeezes to explore…including this side passage (view from above):

Climbing down a hole

Not long after the trip to Salamander, we took my brother along to one of the more…difficult…caves in southern Indiana. Wayne’s Cave requires something like a 1/4-mile army crawl just to reach an area where it’s possible to stand up and stretch.

Aaron in Wayne's Cave, March 2010

Trent and Allison

Yeah, I used to have a beard

We also managed to drag Allison’s friend Krista along a few times. These pictures are from a trip to Wells Cave in February, 2011:

Krista descending into Wells Cave

Allison showing off her climbing skills

Stopping for a rest

And these pictures are from various trips we took to Sullivan Cave. This was one of my favorite caves, with a nice combination of climbing, crawling, walking, and wading:

Doing my best "Splinter Cell" imitation

Wading through an underground stream

Jace, Krista, and Allison climbing some rocks

Finally, here are some pictures from trips we took to Buckner cave in the spring of 2011:

Allison's dad navigating the "Waterfall Passage"

Jace entering the "Waterfall Room"

Allison taking a nap

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